6 Month Guide - Home Prep Checklist

6 Months Out

Start in the garage. The garage is going to act as your storage space for your boxed up items over the next several months so you'll want to make sure you have room in there first. Did you find boxes in there from your last move? Get rid of those!! There's no need to bring those to another home if you haven't unpacked that box yet. Unless you have an amazing work space that you think will be a selling feature in your home, people have a very good idea of what a garage looks like even when it's filled with boxes. Make sure that all electrical boxes, irrigation systems and the attic are accessible for future home inspections. 
5 Months Out 
  • Thin out your closets by selling, donating or tossing clothes that don't fit or you haven't worn in over 7 years or does not fit. 
  • Clean out and reorganize medicine cabinets and under bathroom sinks. Throw away or dispose of properly expired items
  • Get several clear tubs, at least 1 for each person in the household to fill with items that they can store away but still have access to if needed. Using clear tubs for the few important things make it easier to see what's inside. 
4 Months Out
  • Touch up grout around bathroom and kitchen fixtures 
  • Make sure all fixtures are in working order 
  • Fix any broken blinds or window treatments 
  • Vacuum around ceiling and wall vents for dust and clean around the interior air handler.  Bleach and water is an easy way to kill most molds.
  • Continue to pack up items in the house, a few boxes a week. 
    • Kitchen - cookbooks
    • Kids room - toys
    • Living room - knick knacks
    • Office - shred old documents
    • Books you've already read
3 Months Out
  • Start using up items in your pantry. There are 2 closets that every buyers open when searching for their home and it can either be a deal maker or breaker. First is the pantry - this is important to show that there is plenty of storage for all of their pantry items. Ideally there will be nothing on floor. Items on the floor suggest to a buyer that there's not enough shelf space. You want your pantry to look like a grocery store - organized by groups with all labels facing out.  
  • Owners Closet - This is the second closet that every buyer looks at to see if there's enough space. Take the amount of items in your closet and reduce by half. This can be through donating and/or packing away. Organize clothes from white to black (rainbow in between) from the door to the back. Lightest clothes up front, all facing the same way. Again try to get all items off the floor. Free up the space you see when you open the door. 
  • Spray for weeds if any and continue this process through closing. 
2 Months Out (prior to listing)
  • You should have about 60% of your items packed up at this point. Less is more when you put your house on the market. Over the next 2 months you should have about 75% of your little items packed up. 
  • Pack away any special serving trays and dishes or holiday specific serving pieces. Leave space in at least 1 kitchen cabinet to easily store items during Open Houses that you may usually keep on the kitchen counter. This is the same for the bathroom, you'll want a place to quickly store away your essentials like toothbrushes, face wash, etc.. and other items you usually keep on your bathroom countertops. A storage caddy is a great tool to keep in each bathroom for quick storage.
DURING The 1 Month PRIOR to Listing
  • Pressure wash the outside soffits, fences, sidewalks and driveway 
  • Re-sod any bare patches of grass and trim trees 
  • Get carpets and grout in tile cleaned 
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working - - Daylight - very light and bright.
  • Replace any fixture items that you are planning on taking with you (see personal property vs fixtures addendum) 
  • Magic Erase any scuffs on the walls and baseboards 
  • Touch up paint on walls and baseboards or repaint if needed. Natural Linen by Sherwin Williams is a neutral safe choice and will go with all color palettes Pack away all personal pictures, certificates, or items that are specific to you and your family. 
  • Deep clean - including wiping down all cabinets, refrigerator, inside and outside of windows.
Staging Consultation At the 1 month out date The Teston Team will bring out our professional staging consultant to give you tips and ideas on any remaining items to take care of. We will also discuss furniture and additional decor if needed, at NO COST to you to help make your house look like a model home.     

Ready to get your house on the market? Let's discuss The Teston Teams 7 Step Strategic Marketing Plan that helps ensure your house to get SOLD for TOP Dollar!